Friday, February 19, 2010

Daily Draw: The Fishtank Chronincles, chapter 2

Guppies. Why didn't I get guppies in the first place?
So much cleaner. Only have to feed them once a day. The tank water stands the test of time so much better... So yes, a few weeks after the last goldfish kicked it, and I got around to cleaning out the tank, we drove up to the nearest Petsmart and bagged ourselves 4 guppies. One silver, one orange, one yellow and one black: Nook (3),Orangoo, James, and Olivia(2). Its been about a week so far and no trips to toilet bowl with the fishnet yet.. Actually the store has a 14 day guarantee - If I bag and freeze my tank casualties and bring them - I get a replacement. Though, if you do this, you will be scolded for your toxic fishcare by someone with nothing better to do other than scrub tank grime.

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Aimée said...

Mm, this is a great print, Jess. Almost makes me regret leaving behind Bubbles when we moved. But no, it was time to cut him loose, and the boys haven't even noticed.

Cute names!