Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Daily Draw: The fish tank chronicles

We bought a goldfish starter tank for our daughter's 3rd birthday. She cried and asked for another present. It was not a Dora tank... but the kids have ragging on and on about getting a dog, and that's just not gonna happen. I have to clean up enough poo without pets, thankyouverymuch. They like fish. I though fish might be and easy placating compromise. Mnnno.

We started out with two globe eye fantails.. a small, runty calico which my daughter named Olivia and and an orange unassuming one named Nook.

Nook kicked it pretty fast. I flushed him down the toilet. Boy noticed right away. A bit unprepared, I opted for honesty and told him straight up "He died. Sorry. Its hard on them to change tanks and sometimes they die." The boy took it in a stride, a pouty stride, but a stride nontheless. The scrappy fish, "Olivia" who I was convinced was not going to last - small, lean to the point of transparency, hungry looking eyes... was still swimming strong.

Oh yeah, and we had a defective filter pump. And goldfish are "high waste producers". Disgusting. But the yellow water didn't last.

Me and the boy returned to the pet store. I bought two more fantails.. one for insurance. They were named Mook and Nook (II)... ? That's the name they chose. And they actually lasted a few more days than Nook (I), but as the week wore on they became less animated and stayed low in tank. And Olivia is swimming around like, well, the equivalent of strutting. I read on some goldfish geek wiki that they can succumb to the stress of being bullied. I became suspicious of the runt. It's the wirey ones with hungry eyes you have to look out for. Always. Playground rules.

One more trip to the pet store. And I feel like the grim reaper picking out a fish. Come to me, my pretties... Muahahahaha... This time I choose only one. Guilt is limiting. This one is called Jingle Bells. Because it's close to Christmas, of course.

And things go swimmingly until Xmas confirms my hunches when Jingles too submits to a lethargic tank bottom existence. That was it - Scrappy the top is going into solitary. Although now that there is no one to intimidate , he/she/it rarely leaves the fish house.


Dat Tai said...

Nice blog

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adayintheweek said...

Haha! That was a great post. We got E a fish tank and for xmas and she was rather underwhelmed... if there had been pink fish maybe she would have liked them more. I thought fish were going to be easy - but the constant monitoring of the heater, the filter, how much to treat the water blah blah blah... Love the goldfish sketch!