Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daily Draw: Whale to scale


annabelle said...

Oh I LOVE this.

Anonymous said...

Can we order prints of this? It's great!

jess said...

Prints can be made to order. Contact me by email for more info.
Price would depend on paper/print quality. Or I could upload to an Imagekind account.

Also an Etsy shop for prints should be up and running in the next month or so. I will blog details.


Emeline said...

OMG Mateo would LOVE these! many times a day do I hear Orca orca orca orca orca orca....? You should post on Twitter when you post here with a link!
I'm thinking of you this week... solo mama!

jess said...

Will try!. Twitterdom is experimental right now.