Friday, September 5, 2008

Daily Draw: Stingray Bay

Today we hit the Metro Toronto Zoo.
Awesome on the whole. Can't think of anything better to do with small children, and I enjoyed it as much as the now exhausted 15-month, 20-month, and newly-minted 4 year olds of our gaggle did. Though I'm not sure what they took away from the coital romp going on in the Baboon area. I know I saw more than I wanted to.

We stopped in at Stingray Bay, a visiting exhibit where you can pet a couple of dozen of slimey stingrays. Very cool, but was a bit below my expectations. It felt kind of miniature. I was expecting to see big ones flapping around.. Only on the baboons as it turns out.

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lizmferrara said...

teach us how to draw a stingray!!!!!!!!!!!