Sunday, July 27, 2008

Daily Draw: Port Dover Afternoon

Keen to get out of town, we drove to Port Dover today.. a bit less than an hour away on Lake Erie. It's always bustling in the summer. The Biker types love it. And there are plenty of foot-long hot dogs awaiting visitors if you get hungry. You can have my share too.

So we arrive and the boy is having a meltdown because when we drove past the airport he got it into his head that he should go on an airplane today. His sister joined in the screaming for kicks, I guess. They are placated by setting foot on the beach. Holding hands we wade out into the water... Of the very big, dark lake.

I'm terrified of open water. I get nervous in water where a) I can't see the bottom, b) I don't know the depth or who and what is sharing all the space around me. I imagine the depths below are teeming with Life. Slimy, treacherous Life that will come and nibble at my toes. In fact I am certain of it. I've seen some of this Life, and, let's start off by saying many parts of Lake Eerie aren't exactly pristine. It's been a test of survival of the fittest, the fittest ain't pretty. I'm talking big eels. Eels that are just lips, teeth and eyeballs with a cloudy, glassy stare. Ugly as fuck. Oh, and the famous Lake Erie perch... You are bound to see some floating belly up along with a bloated muskrat or two in the marina. I wanna take a dip with stagnant, sun-boiled death too.

Regardless. We had fun.


ilaini said...

I love those eels!

what medium do you use?

jess said...

It's pencil and ink washes, all black and white hand-drawn work, but coloured in Photoshop. Some things have to be scanned seperately.